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Dear Students,

The new session has begun to inspire you to plan and work with renewed vigour and vitality and make your stay in the school a meaningful one. The school days are really important in the life of students. So, the need is to synchronize your energy and direct it in the right direction to accomplish the tasks at hand. Be regular, be punctual and be disciplined as these three things will hitch your educational wagon to a successful star. At the same time respect your Principal, teachers, parent's kith and kinds and well-wishers. Furthermore, be compatible with your peer group. All these things will develop a congenial atmosphere around you and you will go ahead on the path of progress without any hassle on the way. I wish you your parents a very happy, prosperous and formative New Year 2022.




Dear Teachers,

I welcome you to the new session 2021-22 and wish you and your family members a very Happy New Year 2022. I know that after meeting your near and dearness ones during holidays, you have regained new energy to direct in the New Year in order to make it a meaningful one. So, do proper academic planning, prepare your "Educational Route Chart" for the current session and move ahead by doubling your energy as this will help you to show better results in the future. Never forget that the future of the children is in your hands and I am sure you will do it in the best way. I genuinely repose my faith in you and your abilities.



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